Electronic documents

With InstaRx, you can receive and process digital prescriptions with ease. When the prescription is submitted, a unique identifier is assigned and the clinic’s logo and name are automatically added for easy identification. Secure storage allows easy access by authorised persons, saving time and improving security.

QR Code

You can easily download the FrontRx Mobile app and access the prescription by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the prescription or at the patient’s phone with your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use your pharmacy scanner to access the digital prescription on your computer’s browser by scanning the barcode on the prescription.

Flexible and secure communication

InstaRx offers a secure method of transmitting prescriptions via electronic fax and digital transmission. By receiving all prescriptions on the platform, we reduce the costs associated with paper and faxes.

Pharmacists have the option of interacting with the prescription in the traditional way or accessing it through our platform to communicate with the patient or provide feedback or professional opinion to the prescriber through InstaRx.